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Sunday, 29 November 2015 21:24
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FEMEN held a rally against Sharia constitution in Egypt

FEMEN held a rally against Sharia constitution in Egypt

KIEV. 20 December . UNN. The women's movement FEMEN with antiislamistskoyu Egyptian activist Alie Al Mahdi called to say "NO" to Sharia constitution in Egypt, reports UNN with reference to the press service of the motion.

On the eve of the decisive round of the national referendum activists came under the Embassy of the Republic of Egypt in Stockholm to support Egyptians who oppose Sharia-dictatorial president Mursi draft constitution. FEMEN calls upon the people of the great Egyptian renounce religious bondage latter-day prophet Mursi and give yourself a chance at a decent democratic development.
At bare chest Alia was written "Sharia-no constitution", she covered their genitals poster as the Koran. Three posters in the hands of activists represent the three main religious books, so FEMEN warn the world about the dangers teokratizatsii constitutions.
FEMEN warns Mursi Muslim brother that if he did give the order to fire on his own people, the last refuge he will not honor the pyramid and crocodile-infested Nile.
Recall French magazine Madame Figaro included FEMEN activist Inna Shevchenko in the world twenty iconic women in 2012.
Situated in the middle of the list, Inna Shevchenko took 13th place, behind one position from Merkel, with three steps ahead of the Queen of Britain.
Source: UNN
Elena Petrichuk 20.12.2012, 15:57

Так надо ж было в Египет и ехать протестовать..эффективнее было бы

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