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Friday, 20 January 2017 21:08
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B. Danylyshyn: all proceedings against me were terminated, my stay in the Czech Republic is temporary

KIEV. September 26. UNN. All the prosecution of Danylyshyn was terminated in the cases Danylyshyn was questioned as a witness. The corresponding statement was made by the former Economy Minister Bohdan Danylyshyn in an interview to Czech newspaper Právo, UNN reported.

"I never said that I would not come back. I have always emphasized that my stay in the Czech Republic is the period that I was not without a blessing from above made ​​it possible to work on myself. During this time I learned a lot about European institutions, administrative and business activities of management in government and intergovernmental levels. I acquired knowledge, and I am able to - as soon as the time comes - to use it in Ukraine. I'm solving the issues of the mission of Ukraine in the EU, possibilities of cooperation with the Customs Union, which Kyiv received an observer status in"- B.Danylyshyn said.

According to the former Minister of Economy, in the last case he was questioned as a witness.

" Interrogation touched my cases, completion of airport " Borispol "and others. But all the prosecution was ceased. Currently I have not got any problems with the Ukrainian authorities," - B.Danylyshyn said.

Note: Bogdan Danylyshyn - Ukrainian economist, doctor of economic sciences, professor, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2009), chairman of the Council for the Study of Productive Forces of Ukraine ( RVPS ) National Academy of Sciences and Minister of Economy of Ukraine (2007-2010) , member of the NGO " Council on Competitiveness of Ukraine".

In August 2010 he was declared in the domestic and international wanted on charges of causing losses to the state. On October 19, 2010 he was detained in the Czech Republic at the request of Interpol.

Recall, on September 5, 2013, in the Czech Republic at the request of Ukrainian law enforcement was conducted the questioning of B. Danylyshyn. Former Minister of Economy of Ukraine was inquired as a witness in two criminal cases.

In early 2011, the Czech Republic granted political asylum to Danylyshyn.

Source: UNN
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