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Monday, 16 January 2017 13:15
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P.Nuss : integration of Ukraine into the EU will provoke a diplomatic isolation of Russia

KIEV. November 3. UNN. Ukraine's accession to free trade with the EU Association Agreement , and in-depth cooperation between Ukraine and NATO provoke a diplomatic defeat of the Russian Federation. This opinion was expressed by political analyst and head of the Civic Committee of National Salvation Pavlo Nuss , UNN.

He believes that " Ukraine has strengthened its geopolitics by anti-Ukrainian hysteria of official Moscow . In turn , the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych became popular politician integrator outside the country. "
According Nuss, "European news reports of Ukrainian integration are much more frequent, and Yanukovych received a positive image, however, he is perceived by European consumers of information as a" political victim of the Kremlin " - said the expert.

"Cooperation with the EU and NATO makes Ukraine independent in making certain important political and economic decisions. President Yanukovych got a unique chance to remain in the history of Ukraine as a European integrator reformer. In my opinion , this opportunity was given to him in order to correct their mistakes before the country , and now he is coping with this "- spoke P.Nuss.

" On the fate of Russia after losing of control over the processes which are taking place in the middle of our country , I can only say one thing : Russia will find itself in diplomatic isolation, and the reason for this is the integration of Ukraine into the EU ranks. We have come a very long time , and during that time, Russia will manifest itself in relation to Ukraine and Europe as unrestrained aggressor. Hatred and short-sighted wil destroy our neighbor if it does not stop. In order to enter the mainstream of normal relations between our two countries , the Russians have to overthrow dictatorship of Putin and Ukraine to integrate into the EU. Another option can not be " - said Pavlo Nuss .

Source: UNN
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