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Saturday, 21 January 2017 02:15
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A new deputy union may appear in the VR

KIEV. January 27. UNN. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine may create a new deputy union, which aim will be to stop the confrontation between opposition and pro-government factions and resolve the situation. A statement has been signed by 17 MPs, UNN reports.

" There is a real threat to split Ukraine. Civil conflict is developing into a civil war. Confrontation took the right of strength. Prices of this - human lives. Gap between government institutions and the people become insurmountable," - said in a statement.

Then it is said that Parliament can not continue to be dependent, divided into two irreconcilable camps, it has to take primary responsibility for the country and to prevent the imposition of the state of emergency.

" For this purpose the new deputy union, which will encourage the organization of the work will be created. Priority now - to provide compelling, truthful answers to all public issues. Keys with them resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the repeal of laws, adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine January 16, 2014, in addition to the Law on the State Budget of Ukraine for 2014, a political decision to return to a parliamentary- presidential form of government, the adoption of the amnesty to all participants in the real events related to mass protests", - stated in the appeal.

After taking the above decision of the VR, it will be possible to release office buildings, unlocking government district of withdrawal of special forces, according to deputies.

They are also confident that the Parliament since January 28 should continue to use the plenary sessions until the political crisis is solved.

"We really appreciate our initiative risks when there is a strong opposition. Therefore understand their responsibility for anyone who agrees to team up with us" - the politicians warned.

Source: UNN
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