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Saturday, 21 January 2017 08:34
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The Party of Regions requires the Prosecutor General's Office to investigate "unconstitutional actions of so-called People's Councils"

The Party of Regions requires the Prosecutor General's Office to investigate "unconstitutional actions of so-called People's Councils"

KIEV. January 27. UNN. The Party of Regions appealled to the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine "to investigate the unconstitutional actions of the so-called people's councils" immediately, UNN reports citing the press-service of the PR.

As stated in the statement: "attempts of the opposition leaders A.Yatsenuk, V.Klitschko and O.Tiagnybok to disown the actions of their supporters from power grabs of the local government authorities are clumsy attempts to evade the political, moral and criminal responsibility for their actions."

" The whole country within three months heard hysterical appeals of irresponsible trio to All-Ukrainian mobilization calls stand up to end calls reset mode , calls to take power into their own hands. People's Council, which was led them on January 22, sends direct directions to the place of seizure of power by the self-styled councils and Committees of the transfer of all powers. Political terrorists, extremists of all stripes, capturing buildings administrations, identified their first decision banning activities and symbols of the Communist Party of Ukraine and the Party of Regions in their territories. and based on these unconstitutional laws on the full-length showed over their neo-Nazi nature, which is so carefully concealed by the rhetoric of democracy and human rights, "- said in a statement.

" That was in Germany in 1933. This was also strongly warned by the PR after the events of May 9, 2011 in Lviv. The result - fascist thugs in the streets of Ukrainian cities transform the country into ground fighting. Appeared today threatened the very existence of independent Ukraine. Trying to make a coup, which would lead to a split in the country , they are not thinking about their lives and the fate of millions of civilians who are not involved in this orgy. they do not care about the pain and suffering of Ukrainian families "- the authors of the document.

"The PR appeals to all sensible people of all political and social organizations called for to give a decisive rebuff to the political extremists ! Show their citizenship, to protect the constitutional order ! Stop coup ! Fascism will not pass in Ukraine", - the authors of the document noted.

Also, the statement noted that the representatives of the PR appeal to the Prosecutor General's Offcie of Ukraine "with the appeal to investigate the unconstitutional actions of the so-called People's councils, to give legal assessment and bring the perpetrators to justice in accordance with the laws of Ukraine immediately."

Source: UNN
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