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Tuesday, 17 January 2017 19:48
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A. Lyashko: each of us a role to play

A. Lyashko: each of us a role to play

You can make fun as much as, say, the smile on billboards Oleg Lyashko "imbecile" and slogans "debilni" - the fact remains: Lyashko - PR genius domestic phenomenon, his strategy is to nail potsilyuye Ukrainian complexes and ambitions.

Lyashka message is simple: a slew of legitimate piece of land near Kyiv and made a political career. It will help others. Refrain in his speech sounding words: 'and sho is bad "- psychologists say that this phrase indicates that the person concerned samovypravdovuvannyam.

Interviews we decided to publish and preserve the authentic style of language Lyashka MP.

- Oleh Valeriyovych who assigns you a PR campaign?

- I am a political strategist. A bad politician, after meeting with people who go nasurmleni with black thoughts, desperate. Easiest to snivel: everything bad is bad. Give people hope, give people confidence, give people perspective. Do it so that after your meeting went voodushevlonni people with smiling faces, happy, confident. The people sees in me, as they say, Ray Svetlana tomnom in the kingdom. (At these words Lyashko pulls out a breast pocket of a jacket sunglasses and lay them away, on the couch.. - Author).

"Every mriyatyme to his bicycle passage Lyashko"

- Are you going to go on Che hyevary or not? Now fashionable to call for revolution.

- And who's doing what the revolution! No bad-tempered. Vysotsky sings: Lotta little here and nyetu vozhakov. In Ukraine, a dozen "passionate", good sense, no country will be enough.

- Well you and who else?

- Who else ... Not! Can you here, you have to see.

- How do you see?

- Reading, fiziohnomist.

- What you know how to approach people you know. As a grandmother with that on a bicycle ...

- Correct, make a nice person! It will remember all his life, this whole village will speak, and every mriyatyme to his bicycle passage Lyashko.

Shaw is wrong! They just hang my political partners, opponents, adversaries - their bisyt that I am not like them. What I'm not conceited, I do not zaznaychyvyy. This we walk through the hall Yatsenyuk says "hope," "hope". What hope in hryena - During the hall is welcomed with colleagues in Parliament! So he, with ordinary people will be welcomed? Whether he can deliver the bike to the simple man? Does he know how those ordinary people live?

- And you went to the same program without a mandate, you know ...

- Listen, my whole life - a program "Without a mandate! Since dyetdomu where I grew up, school, and ending the current life.

- Only, you know, a little rizonulo hearing, when you said, as if proud of this that have disinfectant wipes to wipe their hands when ruchkayetesya with voters.

- First, it was a montage, they udruzhyly me so. And second, I said in that context that I hand wipes for disinfection, so as not to infect others. What is wrong? Yes, I wash hands, yes, disinfected - no one to they infect. Sorry, I do not know who I vitayus if tens-hundreds poruchkan day and not wash their hands, I'll peddle all sorts of infections - which will benefit from me? Therefore we must not only wash hands and and feet, and everything else.

- Oh, sorry for the question: Do you belong to ... mmm ... the people of this community?

- It is?

- Well: Oleg Lyashko gay?

- No. Asis at issue, no need to keep the stone inside. And how I feel about them - the Lord gives to each, let the man as she wants, and lives. We have over 70% of people are believers, so try to discredit me so that made me a symbol of sexual minorities. Hear my voice. Where did you see with such gay voice - bass baritone? I do not want to insult the representatives of sex minorities, so change: where you saw such a gay voice?

"Julia would have been worse for Yanukovych because women zatyatishi in this sense

To be clear, communication takes place in a cafe in the mall. Except us of Oleg, the table sits the artist Andrew, whose works adorn the walls of the cafe. "Here - says Lyashko, - the man earned a treat at this cafe, and even treats me." Andrew offers a lively: "Have ye something. They both are drinking beer. Lyashko comments:

- You will not believe the first time I drank a beer three days ago. As a child, once travanuvsya beer - well, squash mixed with beer - and since it is 30 years never tried it. Three days ago, friends nasily me in D

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