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Tuesday, 24 January 2017 16:01
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Judge: the decision of the ECHR of the judge Volkov can help to restore mandates to Baloha and Dombrowski

KIEV. September 9. UNN. The decision of the ECHR on the judge Volkov can help Baloha Paul and Alexander Dombrowski to restore their mandates. This was told by the Judge of the European Court of Human Rights Stanislav Shevchuk, UNN, citing BBC Ukraine.

"In the case of Volkov for the first time ever the European Court pointed out that he had to be readmitted at the post. This is the precedent and if the court hears cases of Baloga and Dombrowski, it may point to the same individual measures," - said Shevchuk.

He also noted that the European Court by analogy with the case of judge Volkov could consider the constitutionality of getting rid of mandates of deputies.

"Another important caveat is that the European Court in the case of Volkov found that the Constitution had been violated and referred to it. This is also the precedent" - said Shevchuk.

He added that "the Constitution is clear list of grounds for revocation of authorization deputy. The Supreme Court of Ukraine has found the additional grounds. Therefore it is very debatable position."

It is to be recalled that, May 28, the ECHR finally obliged Ukraine to resume Alexander Volkov as a judge of the Supreme Court of Ukraine (SCU).

Source: UNN
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