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Monday, 23 January 2017 09:17
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The EU will not give money to Ukraine just like that - the MEP

The EU will not give money to Ukraine just like that - the MEP

KIEV. November 27. UNN. The EU - is not a bank that makes money, but in the case of Ukraine, we can talk about allocating money for reforms. The MEP Pawel Kowal said this answering the question of whether the EU offset economic losses of Ukraine from the Association Agreement, UNN reported.

"The EU - is not a bank to lend money to someone, and Russia also not a bank because it has already given money to Belarus and you see what state is now Belarus. Therefore, in this sense, the compensation will be. But when it comes to the money that can be used to reforms, it is an entirely different matter, "- Mr. Koval said.

He said that the EU officials have it difficult to answer the question of the Ukrainian side, either they give money, or not.

"The EU does not just give money and it should be understood, it is a matter of words. If you put Fule good question, you'll get a good answer. But if you say, " Will you give us money ?" , Who will tell that the EU that will give you the money? What can we tell to the EU citizens ? We just gave money to good country Ukraine? So, here it is in the terminology, "- the MEP said.

As reported previously, the Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Boyko said that Kyiv has not received a clear signal from the EU for compensation of lost markets.

Recall, on November 21, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has decided to suspend the process of preparation for the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU due to the significant economic risks for Ukraine.

Source: UNN
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